Capturing the beginnings of your family’s newest members through newborn photography in Rotorua and surrounding areas

Babies are the cutest! From their squishy toes to their cute smiles and button noses. They also grow up so fast so capturing portraits of your child as a newborn baby is a real treasure.

I offer two sorts of newborn & toddler photography sessions; a Fresh48 and a Newborn. The Fresh48 session is within the first 48 hours, very casual, organic photos which I love! These are usually up at the hospital (or wherever you had your baby) and you can choose to be in them or not. It’s more about photographing those first few hours of their lives. These sessions start at $290 and are half an hour long.

The newborn photo session is within the first 10 days and is more posed but still has my natural organic style. These are the ones that are specifically focused on your baby itself and focus on the little details; like how when they’re first born they curl themselves up into balls all the time as that is how they were in the womb. It’s super cute! Packages start at $360 and go for a few hours, depending on how settled your baby is.

Please contact me for our newborn baby collection booklet. I would love to be able to create beautiful images of your baby; documenting the spirit and energy within their tiny little bodies x

If you are thinking of getting a whole family portrait done whether that means you and your little one or the whole family contact me about the options.

Newborn Photography