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This is me and my boys

Hi I’m Grace! I am an authentic documentory style wedding and family photographer living in Rotorua, New Zealand. My style of photography is both elegant and timeless, I’m a true believer that these memories become moments that will last for generations and I feel so privileged to be able to capture them for you.

Although I don’t have any children yet my husband Blake and I adopted our gorgeous fluffy furbaby Bjelkier (pronounced Bee-el-key). I am a little biased but he is pretty damn adorable! I don’t know if you’ve seen a Samoyed before but they are white and fluffy and look like a mini polar bear.

Wedding and Family photography is my passion. I believe that the best wedding photographers are the ones that know it’s about more than just taking a good photo, it’s about telling your story beautifully. I’m all about capturing the happiness and infectious laughter at weddings, celebrating and documenting all the different parts of your wedding day from the little details through to the big emotions.

To me your Family Portraits should be photographs that show your family as they are while creating memories that are going to last a lifetime. I believe it is so important for every family to have the different stages in their lives documented, from your new arrival right through to your 60th Wedding Anniversary. Let’s plan an awesome day out at Pukehina Beach or head into the Redwoods and create some memories to be documented.

I’m available for Family Portrait Photoshoots and Weddings all over Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Taupo. I can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your Family Photoshoot, Couple Photoshoot or Wedding!

Clients Testimonials
Jamie + Paige
Grace you have actually blown our minds with these pictures. They represent the day beautifully and we appreciate it so much. You went above and beyond what was expected and I will definitely be putting up a few images here and there being like ‘guys hire Grace!’ because I really don’t have words for how amazing they are. Ohhh and that slideshow! Massive grin the whole time. It was beautiful.
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Clients Testimonials
Kieran + Jaimee
Oh my goodness Grace they are amazing!!! Thank you so, so much, we can’t imagine photos any better and are so happy with how they have turned out :) the colours look so good! Thank you so much!
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Clients Testimonials
Luke + Cath
We were both very happy with your work. We found your communication fantastic. You had clearly been to a lot more weddings than we had and knew how they operated. Very useful!!! You were the one making sure I had things covered rather than the other way around. And the photos!!! We (and everyone else) are soooo pleased with them. I remember someone telling us, that if there is one thing you need to make sure of for your wedding, that is a great photographer, because it is the one thing that lasts more than the one day. And we got that part right. Thank you.
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