Love what you do – do what you love

My job is awesome! I specialise in natural wedding and family photography that is both elegant and timeless. Some say I’m a pretty photographer but it’s more than that. I capture and preserve the moments, the laughter and the love of families and friends. These memories become moments in time that will last for generations.

I’m a lifestyle photographer living in Rotorua with my partner Blake and hopefully soon (we’re currently on the waiting list) our Samoyed puppy. We own a half-converted van/campervan and love to travel but as we’re both busy people that does not happen often. Our neighbours both own campervans which we get jealous of as they seem to go away most weekends; ones retired though so they’re super lucky 🙂

Photography is my passion! The happiness, laughter at a wedding is infectious. Celebration’s and emotions surrounding your day are amazing and ones that I cherish to be apart of and documenting for you. I get to play peek-a-boo with toddlers, have running races with children and steal cuddles from newborn babies, then give them back.

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Beautiful Stories

I believe it's more than just taking a good photo, it's about telling your beautiful story.
Your wedding day is the day you create a family, you head towards your future as husband and wife. Your family photos are a way of documenting your family before you blink and discover that your children are now adults. Your baby is a new addition, celebrate their arrival, document their tiny toes and curled fists.

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