Love what you do – do what you love

My job is awesome! I’m a wedding and family photographer but it’s more than that. I get to photograph the laughter of families, the love at weddings and the joys of newborn babies. I capture memories that will last for generations.

I’m a lifestyle photographer living in Rotorua with my partner Blake and hopefully soon (we’re currently on the waiting list) our Samoyed puppy. We currently do not have any children so I get my clucky fix from cuddles with newborn babies and then giving them back to their parents. I play peek-a-boo with toddlers and have running races with children.

Photography is my passion! Weddings are what I enjoy. The love, happiness, laughter at a wedding is infectious. The celebration and emotions are amazing and one that I cherish to be apart of and documenting for you. And let’sĀ face it they just totally rock!

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Beautiful Stories

I believe it's more than just taking a good photo, it's about telling your beautiful story.
Your wedding day is the day you create a family, you head towards your future as husband and wife. Your family photos are a way of documenting your family before you blink and discover that your children are now adults. Your baby is a new adition, celebrate their arrival, document their tiny toes and curled fists.

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