You don’t want to look awkward while having your wedding photos taken so here are my top tips for getting gorgeous photos.

Everyone feels awkward smiling at a camera. It’s not the easiest thing in the world. Ask your photographer, most would prefer to be on the opposite side of the camera taking the photos and doing what they’re good at.

Trust your photographer

This is really important. To get those gorgeous, natural moments captured throughout your wedding day, you need to be comfortable with your photographer and this will show through in your photos. If you want them to be able to capture the real emotions and the natural moments they’ll need to blend in with your friends and family. However, they will also need to be confident and assertive to get family and group photographs done quickly. If you need to build up that trust then get to know them, stalk their Instagrams, email them any questions they have, check out their about page (this usually reveals a lot about the photographer) or if you can, have a coffee or drink together.

grace jones photography wedding photographer

Don’t smile at the camera the whole time

You’re not in love with the camera so don’t pay attention to it the whole day. Relax, enjoy yourselves. If you don’t feel like smiling then don’t, be real. We 100 percent prefer a genuine smile over a forced awkward grin. Family and group photos, as well as a few posed couples photos, are all you really need for grandma or dad so they can pop it on the mantel but that’s it. For the rest of the time focus on each other, these will get you those gorgeous unposed wedding photos.

genuine smile wedding photos

Be in the moment

Like the previous point don’t focus on the photographer, focus on your partner instead! Don’t play “spot the photographer” especially during the couples session. By ignoring your lurking stalker photographer and focusing on your loved one will get much more relaxed photos of you. Photographers have tips and tricks but by simply not thinking “is the photographer taking my photo” you’ll naturally relax. Whisper something to your partner instead. Ask them what they had for breakfast in a Bart Simpson voice. That will get the smiles happening!

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Consider an engagement session

This is an awesome way to get to know your wedding photographer and how they work. If you feel that you will be nervous or tense up when a camera is aimed at you for your wedding photos then this is a great idea. It takes the guesswork out of the process so you’ll know what to expect on your wedding day. You’ll also learn some of the tips and tricks photographers use to get you to relax.

rotorua engagement photographer

Do something with your hands

I hate fingers. Also, if you’re nervous this generally shows through in your hands first. For ladies have a bouquet to hold, put your hands on your hip, play with your hair or hold your hands together. For men put your hands in pockets, check your watch, play with your cuffs. Alternatively, grab your loved one’s hand, hold their arm, put their hair behind their ear or grab their face and give them a smooch.

do something with your hands wedding photos


Don’t worry about how you look, how many times you blink or if you squint when you smile. Don’t think about what went wrong, if it’s raining (rain is actually awesome for photos!) or if your uncle has drunk too much. Relax and enjoy your day. Your photographer has your back. They will get awesome wedding photos for you and keep you on time. Above all enjoy your day and enjoy being married! If it gets too much take a moment with your partner, just the two of you, and go off for that “can you believe we’re married!!!” (ignore your photographer who will be getting this awesome natural moment between the two of you).

relax and hold hands wedding photos

You’ve got this xx