About me!

I reckon this is the hardest part of my website… talking about myself! I mean what is there really to say??? I’m a creative kiwi gal who loves DIY except I really wish that they would turn out more to how I imagine them to be, they aren’t bad but not perfect. I’m constantly coming up with ideas but trying to wrangle them into what is actually achievable and affordable can sometimes be quite hard.

I’m a self confessed paper geek! I’ve worked in the print industry for the last four years as a Graphic Designer and absolutely love the different textures and tones of paper. Once you meet me and I show you my sample Wedding album you might just understand. I also love old technology and craftsmanship; from old cameras to old electrical instruments, you might notice this when you visit my studio. The intricacies just amaze me, I mean even the brush work of some painters are absolutely astonishing.